General translations

You can count on Eric Azijn translation agency for the translation of general texts.
By general translations we mean small or larger translations of non-specific texts which are usually destined for communication with customers, partners, colleagues, friends and/or family.

A general translation is characterised by the fact that the translator in question does not need to have any specific knowledge of the product or the sector.

If the text is of a predominantly technical nature (and therefore contains specific terminology), it falls under  technical translations.

General translation of commercial or other texts

A few examples of general translations:
  • correspondence
  • incoming email messages
  • outgoing mailings
  • newsletters to customers
  • advertising and publicity (folders, leaflets, discount coupons, etc.)
  • advertisements
  • press statements and marketing communication
  • commercial documents (order forms, delivery notes, quotes, invoices, etc.)
  • invitations
  • job application letters, CVs, etc.

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